More than what's expected!

EXPERIENCE: While Scott-Christ Construction, Inc. is a relatively new firm, its owners bring with them decades of expertise that can only be gained through experience. Greg Scott and Ed Christ have over 40 years of construction experience in a broad range of projects.  From high-tech telecommunication facilities to credit unions, and new homes to multi-million dollar shopping centers, their field and management experience combine to present an organization with a unique blend of old-time quality and values and modern management and communications.
VALUE: These days more than ever folks are concerned about getting a good value for their dollar. Having started the company during the slowest period of construction in recent history, we started the company lean and have kept it that way. With experienced owners and employees we are able to provide the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism of larger construction companies - without the burden of their legacy overhead costs. We run lean and efficient, and pass the savings on to our customers.
QUALITY: We're not in construction to get rich or to make a quick buck. We're in construction for the long haul - because we have a love for it, and because it's in our blood. We come from a lineage of respected construction professionals, and as we drive around Florida we see the projects that our grandparents, parents, and we ourselves have been involved in. Hospitals, churches, schools, office buildings, banks, homes, telecommunications facilities, and the list goes on. Places built with pride and integrity. Quality isn't just a buzz-word for us - it is a commitment. A commitment we make with the knowledge that our projects will be around for a long time to come, and will build on a long legacy of construction excellence.
SERVICE: Many contractors can build a building, but only a small percentage truly focus on excellent customer service. In so many ways the construction industry (and smaller contractors in particular) has lagged behind other industries in regards to modern management methods, the implementation of technology, and a focus on customer service. Many contractors talk about it customer service, but few do it well. Our goal is to provide the high quality customer service that our customers provide THEIR customers! We will provide prompt follow-up on questions and issues, anticipate customer needs and provide updates before they are asked for. We use the latest technologies to share information and communicate quickly, efficiently, and clearly. We do business in the open and don't hide behind smoke and mirrors. Finally, we  solicit regular feedback to see how we are doing and make adjustments to continually improve.